Where did you go when the world is cold?
When love wasn’t there anymore
When hope turned grey
When trust disappeared
Did you discuss your actual problem with them?
Do you even trust anyone in this universe?
Well, that might not be your family
You don’t let them feel the pain
Or appear so weak
The strong storm are going to hit you
anywhere, anytime
The person you always meet
Doesn’t fit your criteria to share what is inside your heart and mind
Believing the person who faced the worst is the cure
Sometimes you feel like trash
Complaining what world gives you
Everytime, over the same thing
So you try to not mention about it with the same person
Staring to the crowd,
as well to the sky
Next to the windows,
Whispering things get better
While tears fall
Those songs are playing
How could these songs relate to myself so much?

–  Marsha Bella

Original song by Utada Hikaru – Simple & Clean

Simple & Clean covered by Mree